I'm an experience designer and maker who is interested in provoking how we think about existing things by combining layers of context. I aim for design to inspire, challenge, change, but most importantly communicate through objects, spaces and media.
Familiar Unfamiliarity

This project focuses on enhancing the relationship between passengers and scenery. The honey comb-generated illusion will give a new perspective of the scenery which has become mundane. It will also offer the passengers a chance to partake in a personal narrative and visualize a new experience via what they listen to and what they see in this simulated micro-environment.

One of the positive aspects of public transportation is that it allows passengers to enjoy scenery. When we take a bus, we notice things that we haven't seen before even if it is on the same street that we usually drive on. However, if our commute to work, school or home has beautiful scenery, it will become mundane eventually. As designers, it is hart to change whole environment, but we can change the experience for passengers within the bus.

One common behavior on buses, specifically from younger generations, is that many passengers listen to music through their audio devices. It is an interesting scene because they share the same time and space but they differentiate the tone of "riding a bus" through what they listen to. They create their own micro-environment in the space.

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