I'm an experience designer and maker who is interested in provoking how we think about existing things by combining layers of context. I aim for design to inspire, challenge, change, but most importantly communicate through objects, spaces and media.
Badminton 2.0

New computational systems have the ability to reconfigure space as we know it, enabling a virtual space to coexist within a physical space. This experiment aims to inspire new notions of mixed reality, computational environments, and social interaction. It lets us observe how people respond, adapt and utilize when they are exposed to new environment. New experience occurs in this space.

There are some interesting moments in this experiment. One of them is (about 2'22" in this video clip) when Dee(green shirt, one of the Skype spectators in the room) shouted "OUT!" and Jules responded "Dee says it's out." There was a small possibility that Skype provides better information of the match to the viewer than what physical space did. Dee's voice was louder than people in the physical space because of the speaker and it created impact upon the game. Now, we inquire about when and how the virtual space takes over the authority in the physical space. Another interesting moment was when Skype had time delay. Participants in the room actually had to anticipate what was going to happen in the game and it leads to the question: How does the anticipation from the virtual space communicate and affect the physical space?

Special Move Introduction
The buttons on the badminton racket and pressure sensor on the floor talk to the microcontrollers to trigger either shooting an extra birdie, turning a powerful fan on, spinning weight of opponent's racket, turning the spot light on and off , or shrink the size of the court. The function of the racket and some other sensors might seem like they are not different than having a remote control that can do things. However, it makes huge differences for players who can have control over the condition of the space and change the structure of the game. It is a matter of what kind of function meets what kind of context.

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