I'm an experience designer and maker who is interested in provoking how we think about existing things by combining layers of context. I aim for design to inspire, challenge, change, but most importantly communicate through objects, spaces and media.
Swing Pong

Technology is one of the strong elements that changes our experience. My media design practice focuses on speculation that how technology can be embedded into familiar context to create layers of perspectives- new experience.

This project aims for three trajectories:
1. Blur the boundary between sports games and video games.
2. Inspire the idea of utilizing technology to make forgotten things more interesting.
3. Anticipate new relationship between the user and object through animism.

Swing Pong was presented at Mindshare LA and created playful interaction with audience. This artifact is an interactive ping pong tale that is controlled by Arduino. There are two buttons that tilt each side of the table and two other buttons that blow air through the ping pong table and trigger intense flash light so one can distract the other. This is a video game within a sport game.

Experience Design
Physical Interaction
Media Exploration
Design Research
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