I'm an experience designer and maker who is interested in provoking how we think about existing things by combining layers of context. I aim for design to inspire, challenge, change, but most importantly communicate through objects, spaces and media.
Water In A Cup

When we go to a restaurant, we are amazed sometimes by the amount of food which we are capable of eating after we see empty plates that are left on the table. We acquire a new and clearer perception through a container, such as a bowl, cup and basket which gives us a different notion of quantity.

Sometimes our water gets cut off because of things like water tank cleanings. Even if it is just few hours of operation, it is a very unpleasant, frustrating and annoying experience. Everybody is aware of the importance of water these days, the only difference is some nations already have been suffering from lack of water and the others are not yet. Even though the appreciation to water is deep inside of our consciousness, when we twist a faucet or turn on a switch for a sprinkler we get water, and in this privileged environment, it seems so easy to be oblivious to the importance of water. High water bills are not motivative enough to give us a wake up call.

Demonstration Video
This is not a game that competes who can use less amount of water or information that shows numbers and graphics that we are not familiar with. This graphic creates more intimacy because it presents familiar object to inform the data. Thus, it generates an instant reaction from the user and tells what to do via awakening one's self-consciousness.

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